What Is DistinctlyBritish.com? Your Go-To Platform for Authentic British Craftsmanship

The Origin of DistinctlyBritish.com

What began as a vision to celebrate British craftsmanship in the late 1990s has today evolved into DistinctlyBritish.com, an online marketplace that serves as a bridge between small-scale, specialist producers in the UK and a global customer base. Initially inspired by "The Which Guide to Country Shopping," a directory by the respected Which magazine and curated by Christopher Roundell, the birth of Distinctly British came about in an unusual but fascinating manner.

How DistinctlyBritish.com Was Born

In the early 2000s, Christopher Roundell joined forces with marketing expert Barry Wright. Their meeting wasn't just another business meeting; it was set in Barry's unconventional studio apartment, housed in the historic Old Women's Prison Complex in Fulham. United by their love for fishing and recognizing the untapped potential of the burgeoning Internet era, they hatched the idea of Distinctly British.

The Philosophy Behind DistinctlyBritish.com

At the heart of DistinctlyBritish.com lies an unwavering commitment to quality. We've chosen to collaborate predominantly with small, often family-operated businesses that reflect the very essence of British craftsmanship. These are passionate teams of 2-5 individuals who may have started without even basic digital tools like computers! Fast-forward to 2002, and DistinctlyBritish.com was officially launched.

The Journey So Far

Much has changed since the early days. Now headquartered in the scenic town of Folkestone, we've adapted to the digital age by making our platform mobile-responsive. Today's consumer relies on a range of devices, and we've evolved to ensure our unique British products are easily accessible, no matter the medium.

How DistinctlyBritish.com Works

When you ask, "What Is DistinctlyBritish.com?", think of us as your dedicated channel to the cream of the crop in British manufacturing. We're not just an e-commerce site; we're a gateway to authentic British quality. Orders placed on our platform are directly sent to the respective UK producer, who will fulfill your order with the utmost care, whether the product is readily available or made-to-order.

Where Else to Find Us

For customers who have other shopping platforms in mind, we also feature a select range of our products on eBay and Amazon, making sure that the Distinctly British experience is available to everyone, everywhere.

Ebay Store: Distinctly British Gifts on eBay

Contact Us

We're a UK-registered company (Company No: 4052384, VAT No: 765 9888 46). For all correspondence, please reach out to us via email at enquiries@distinctlybritish.co.uk.