The Austrian 2-Piece Miniature Crown Set by Crowns & Regalia

Product Description:

  • 1/12th scale miniature replicas
  • Made in England
  • Cast in fine English Pewter
  • 24ct Gold plated
  • Velvet hat insert
  • Finished by hand with bohemian crystals
  • Packaged in a presentation box
  • Story card included

Experience the grandeur of two iconic crowns with this extraordinary set:

The Imperial Crown of Austria, also known as 'The German Reichskrone', embodies the opulence of the Holy Roman Empire. Commissioned by Rudolf II in 1602, this crown was meticulously crafted by the Court Goldsmith in Prague. With the demise of the empire in 1806, it transformed into The Crown of The Emperor of Austria. Today, it finds its majestic place of honour at the Schatzkammer Museum in Vienna, captivating visitors with its regal allure.

The Crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, also known as 'The Crown of Charlemagne', transports you to the venerable Reichenau Monastery in the year 962. Believed to have been created for the coronation of Emperor Otto I, this ancient crown bears the weight of history and the legendary legacy of Charlemagne. Its significance is cherished as a symbol of power and imperial authority.

Both crowns in this set are meticulously recreated with fine English pewter and expert plating. Adorned with sparkling Bohemian Crystals, they radiate magnificence and elegance. Enclosed in a presentation box, they invite you to marvel at their intricate craftsmanship and historical significance.

Embrace the rich heritage of the Holy Roman Empire and immerse yourself in the splendour of these iconic crowns. Whether you are a collector, history enthusiast, or admirer of royal artefacts, this set will be a cherished addition to your collection, captivating you with its timeless beauty.

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