The Bavarian Coronation 5-Piece Miniature Crown Set by Crowns & Regalia

Product Description:

  • 1/12th scale miniature replicas
  • Made in England
  • Cast in fine English Pewter
  • 24ct Gold plated
  • Velvet hat inserts
  • Finished by hand with bohemian crystals
  • Packaged in a presentation box
  • Story card included

Embark on a journey through Bavarian history with these Bavarian Crown Jewels, commissioned in 1806 by Maximilian I to mark Bavaria's elevation to the status of a kingdom. Crafted by Biennais, the renowned French goldsmith of the era, this set exudes timeless elegance and regal splendour.

The set includes:

  1. The Royal Crown of Bavaria - Majestic and captivating, this crown symbolises the sovereignty of Bavaria, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.
  2. The Crown of the Queens of Bavaria - A crown fit for a queen, adorned with exquisite craftsmanship and adorned with captivating beauty.
  3. The Sceptre - A symbol of power and authority, this sceptre exemplifies the regal stature of Bavaria's monarchy.
  4. The Orb - Representing the world and its dominion, the orb showcases the global influence of Bavaria.
  5. The State Sword - A ceremonial sword reflecting the grandeur and dignity of the kingdom.

Indulge in the allure of this miniature replica set, meticulously cast in fine English pewter, lavishly plated, and enhanced with radiant Bohemian Crystals. Enclosed within a presentation box, it captures the grandeur and historical significance of Bavaria's Crown Jewels, allowing you to immerse yourself in the regal heritage of this esteemed kingdom.

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