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Introducing our Crystal Chandelier Stud Earrings which are silver plated and elegantly embellished with bohemian crystals.

The exquisite earrings are inspired by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's treasured heirloom earrings, which she inherited from a good friend, the Hon. Mrs. Ronnie Greville in 1942. The Queen later gifted them to her daughter, then Princess Elizabeth, as a wedding present in 1947. However, the princess could not wear them until she had her ears pierced, which sparked a trend that led women everywhere to flock to their doctors and jewellers to have their ears pierced.

These Queen Elizabeth-inspired earrings are a must-have for any jewellery collection, whether as unique bridal jewellery or to add a regal touch to any outfit. 


8cm long, 1.5cm wide

Colour options;

Crystal, Amethyst or Aqua

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