Enhance your collection with this stunning Floral Butterfly Necklace, a piece inspired by the necklace & earrings that date back to the late 17th century.

This stunning necklace, gold-toned and adorned with delicate enamel work, captures the essence of the original masterpiece. Its design features intricate flower-shaped links and a graceful butterfly pendant, embellished with an enchanting emerald cabochon. Each detail reflects the artistry and sophistication of the era.

But this necklace is more than just a piece of jewellery; it carries profound symbolism. In Chinese culture, butterflies are considered the embodiment of the human soul, and in many other cultures, they represent the concept of rebirth.

Wear the Floral Butterfly Necklace with pride, embracing both its historical significance and its contemporary elegance. For the ultimate statement, pair it with the matching earrings from the same set to complete your look with grace and sophistication.

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