Gold Anointing Spoon Recreation by Crowns & Regalia

Product Description:

  • Made in England
  • Cast in fine English Pewter
  • 24ct Gold Plated
  • Packaged in a presentation box


Immerse yourself in the magnificence of royal traditions with our Gold Anointing Spoon Recreation. Meticulously crafted by the skilled artisans at Crowns & Regalia, this remarkable piece pays homage to the anointing spoon used in the coronations of English monarchs.

The Gold Anointing Spoon is crafted from fine English pewter and 24-carat gold plated, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Enclosed in a beautiful display box, the Gold Anointing Spoon is presented with utmost care and attention to detail. On the reverse side of the box, you will find detailed information about the rich history and significance of the spoon, allowing you to delve into its legacy and appreciate its place in royal traditions.

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