Crown of Louis XV of France Miniature by Crowns & Regalia

Product Description:

  • 1/12th Scale miniature replica
  • Made in England
  • Cast in fine English Pewter
  • 24ct Gold plated
  • Hand finished with bohemian crystals
  • Packaged in a presentation box
  • Story card included

Immerse yourself in the allure of French history with this exquisite miniature recreation of the Crown of France. Crafted by the renowned French Crown Jeweller, Laurent Ronde, this crown holds a captivating story within its elegant design.

In 1887, the Crown Jewels of France were sold at auction, dispersing most of the pieces across the globe. However, this particular crown was retained and can now be admired at the prestigious Louvre Museum in Paris. Set with imitation paste stones, it continues to showcase the regal splendour and craftsmanship of its time.

Meticulously cast in fine English pewter and lavishly plated, this miniature recreation radiates refinement and opulence. Adorned with sparkling bohemian crystals, it adds a touch of brilliance to its already captivating design.

Enclosed within a presentation box, this miniature Crown of France allows you to relish in the history and grandeur of the French monarchy. Whether you're a collector of royal memorabilia or an enthusiast of historical artefacts, this crown serves as a cherished tribute to the rich cultural heritage of France, inviting you to indulge in the elegance and magnificence of the Crown of France.

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