Presenting the Woodford Swiss-Made Sterling Silver Half Hunter Pocket Watch, a true masterpiece of horological craftsmanship.

This exceptional pocket watch boasts a SWISS MADE mechanical movement, ensuring precise timekeeping and a legacy of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Encased in a traditional half hunter case, crafted from exquisite sterling silver, it exudes timeless elegance and showcases the utmost attention to detail.

The case is beautifully embossed with Roman numerals, adding a touch of sophistication to its design. A central glass allows for easy time reading, eliminating the need to open the watch and preserving its refined aesthetic.

Inside the watch, a full-sized mechanical movement powers the intricate timekeeping functions. With a separate second hand dial and Roman numerals, it offers both accuracy and classic appeal.

To enhance its allure, this pocket watch comes complete with a silver albert chain, allowing you to attach it gracefully to your waistcoat. This adds a touch of vintage charm and ensures easy accessibility throughout the day.

Indulge in the luxurious presentation of this quality pocket watch, which comes nestled in a gift case bearing the inscription "Woodford - Est 1860 - Sterling Silver" on the inside of the lid. This marks a testament to Woodford's rich heritage and commitment to excellence.

With a diameter of 5.0cm and a thickness of 1.3cm, this Woodford Swiss-Made Sterling Silver Half Hunter Pocket Watch is the epitome of refined style and precision timekeeping.

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