Introducing our Amethyst Crystal Earrings in the enchanting Amethyst colour. These earrings draw inspiration from one of Queen Elizabeth II's cherished tiaras. The story behind this tiara begins in 1893 when Lady Greville formed a committee to gather funds from the Girls of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Their mission was to purchase a wedding gift for Princess Mary of Teck, who would later become Queen Mary.

With their collective efforts, they raised an impressive £5,000 and acquired a stunning tiara from the renowned Crown jewellers, Garrards. The tiara boasted an exquisite festoon and scroll design, adorned with nine magnificent oriental pearls mounted on diamond spikes. A bandeau base, embellished with alternating round and lozenge collets, complemented the design, all encrusted with dazzling diamonds.

Queen Mary cherished this tiara and wore it throughout her lifetime. In 1947, she bestowed it upon Princess Elizabeth, who would later ascend to the throne as Queen Elizabeth II, as a wedding gift. This tiara holds a special place in the heart of our present Queen, who lovingly refers to it as 'Granny's Tiara.'

Now, you can capture the elegance and regal charm of this iconic tiara with our Crystal Fringe Tiara Earrings.

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