Introducing the Heathergem Celtic Chrome Plated Quaich, a traditional Scottish drinking cup with a unique twist. Crafted with care in Scotland, this quaich showcases the beauty of Heathergems, providing a truly Scottish experience.

The quaich features two handles adorned with Heathergems, adding a touch of natural charm to the design. Heathergems are made from hand-harvested heather stems, dyed and compressed to create stunning and individual pieces. As a result, each Heathergem is unique, reflecting the beauty of Scotland's landscape.

Measuring 3" in diameter, this quaich is the perfect size for enjoying a wee dram or sharing a toast with loved ones.

Presented in a gift box along with a story card, this Celtic Chrome Plated Quaich is an ideal gift for those with a love for Scotland and its rich traditions. Whether for a special occasion, a wedding, or simply to celebrate your own heritage, this quaich embodies the essence of Scottish craftsmanship and the beauty of Heathergems.

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