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Introducing the Trio Maxi Folding Walking Seat, a portable and convenient accessory for outdoor activities. Crafted with a focus on comfort and functionality, this walking seat provides a comfortable place to rest during walks, hikes, or other outdoor adventures.

The Trio Maxi features a lightweight yet sturdy polished aluminium frame, ensuring durability and stability. The seat is made of strong glass nylon and is available in three classic colours: Black, Brown, or Green. Choose the colour that suits your style and preferences.

With a seat height of 22 1/2 inches (575mm), the Trio Maxi Folding Walking Seat offers a comfortable and elevated position for resting. The seat is 10 inches wide and 8 inches front to back, providing ample space for sitting comfortably during breaks or observation periods.

The walking seat is designed with eight height adjustments, allowing you to customise the walking height according to your preferences. It can be adjusted to a height range of 33 inches (840mm), providing flexibility to accommodate different terrains and walking conditions.

Weighing approximately 29 ounces (810 grams), the walking seat is lightweight and easy to carry. It folds compactly, making it convenient to store and transport. It is an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts who value comfort and convenience during their adventures.

The Trio Maxi Folding Walking Seat is suitable for users up to a maximum weight of 125kg (275lb). The non-slip rubber foot provides stability and grip on various surfaces, ensuring a safe and secure seating experience.

Whether you're exploring nature trails, attending outdoor events, or simply taking leisurely walks, the Trio Maxi Folding Walking Seat offers a comfortable and practical seating solution. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of this portable walking seat during your outdoor excursions.

Please ensure to use the walking seat responsibly and follow proper safety guidelines during outdoor activities.

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