Who are we?

DistinctlyBritish was born out of a shared desire to connect unique, small-scale UK producers with a global audience. Founded by Christopher Roundell and Barry Wright in the early 2000s, the company has always prioritized quality, working primarily with small, often family-run businesses that share a deep commitment to the products they create. Our mission is to highlight and provide a platform for some of the UK's finest producers and their exceptional products. Orders placed are relayed directly to the respective producer, ensuring a seamless and personal customer experience.

Make sure to check back, as we are always adding new item lines!

Give your wardrobe a tip of the hat to British style with our Flag & Tweed Patchwork Flat Cap. It's not just about fashion, it's about making a union jack-of-all-trades statement! Don't keep calm and carry on without it - it's the crown jewel your outfit needs!
No need for Elementary play, upgrade your game with our Sherlock Holmes chess set! With every strategic move, solve your own Mystery of the Missing Pawn. Now is the time to make the Hound of the Baskervilles bark with your Silver Blaze of victory. It's elementary, my dear shopper.
Transform your style with our Floral Butterfly Necklace! Adorned in gold-tone and emerald, this is your chance to emerge as an icon of elegance. Don't let this butterfly effect flutter by, capture yours today!
Bring home the brave heart of Scotland with our William Wallace! This isn't just a statement piece, it's a Highland fling for your collection. Make your display stand tall as a mountain, for freedom never looked so stylish. Take a stab at this deal today!
Get a crown jewel for your collection with this miniature recreation of The Imperial State Crown! This isn't just a keepsake, it's a regal coronation for your curio cabinet. Reign in the compliments with this precious piece that's fit for royalty. It's imperial you secure yours today!
Pour out some dragon spirit with our stainless steel hip flask! It's not just a flask, it's a fire-breathing partner for your finest spirits. Don't drag-on without it - it's the Welsh Wizard of drinkware. Ignite your style today!