Harrison Brothers & Howson Logo
Since the 19th century, Harrison Brothers & Howson has been a paragon of precision and craftsmanship in the horology and silverware industries. Their pocket watches and sterling silver pieces are more than just functional items; they are works of art that showcase the brand's dedication to intricate design and quality. The brand's pocket watches, with their beautifully engraved cases and white enamelled dials, reflect an enduring commitment to authenticity and quality. Their sterling silver collection, from gleaming dress stud sets to ornately designed animal figures, is meticulously crafted, with each item bearing the brand's distinct hallmark. Harrison Brothers & Howson is also committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, pledging to deliver products that respect and conserve our world's resources. Their products are not mere objects, but legacies of a tradition that has been refined over time, carrying with them the rich history of a brand that continues to define and elevate the standards of craftsmanship and ethical sourcing.